The college has well equipped labs


  • JSS Hospital has got 1800 beds in all clinical depts.., with specialty areas like Cardiology, Gastro enterology, Neurology, Oncology, Urology, ENT, Ophthamology, Nephrology etc..,
  • All the deparments are provided with latest equipment for the efficient management of patient care.

Hostel Accommodation

  • Hostel accommodation is avilable on demand. (Only for girls).
  • A written permission from the principal is reqired for staying out of the hostel after the regular permitted hours and while leaving station [Mysore]
  • Those Students who do not follow the rules and regulations of the hostel will be liable for the dismissal from the hostel.
  • No valuables [Jewelry] are permitted in rooms. The managements does not own the responsibility in case of loss.
  • The students will not be permitted to go home during the academic session other than the vacation period. This rule has to be strictly adhered by the parents and students.

Library Facilities

JSS College of Nursing is proud of having state of the art Library. Library has an extensive collection of 4500+ Books (1572 No. Titles), Journals [National (14) & Intrnational(14)], Magazines, research Documents and Numbers of CD, Audio & Video Cassettes. It also has Xerox facilities and the digital library facilities.